Articles for the Month of September 2011

Garlic Chives Blooming Now

Now that the searing summer heat has left Fort Worth for good – and about time too – my garden is slowly recovering. It was definitely a season of hanging on to what can survive. Many things that usually bloom in summer failed altogether this year. One herb that is blooming late is my garlic chives.

Plant Herbs With Fall Bulbs

I’ve never been without flowering bulbs in my herb garden. Snowdrops, tulips, crocus, and daffodils that emerge in the spring are a delight to the soul. They’re easy to plant and come back year after year. Spring flowering bulbs are the perfect blooming accompaniment to several low growing herbs. Stalks from the daffodils and other beauties

Oven Potato Wedges

The number one vegetable consumed in the United States is potatoes. But on their own, potatoes don’t have a lot of flavor. Fortunately they’re easy to season and enjoy a hundred different ways. Here’s a quick way to make Oven Potato Wedges using ingredients you probably have at home right now. Although this calls for