Articles for the Month of October 2011

Fall Garlic Planting – Do It Now!

By the end of October the gardening year is winding down to the dormancy of winter. There are a few tasks left to do but mostly our herb beds are thinking fondly of the coming long winter’s nap. But wait…there’s just one more thing to plant. Now is the time to get garlic in the ground.

End of the Growing Year

The growing season is nearing its end for most of us. As your plants prepare for winter so should you. Although this time of year brings many holiday distractions, do your best to carve out a little time for the garden. Here’s a checklist of basic tasks: First, know your local “first frost date.” Visit Daves

Scented Bath Salts – Easy to Make and Enjoy

Some gardening jobs leave you gritty, sore, and untouchable. At moments like these, there’s nothing quite like a nice bath to soothe prickly skin and invigorate aching muscles. A nice hot tub is wonderful on its own but add some skin softeners and a touch of aroma and you’ve got heaven in a bathtub. You