Articles for the Month of December 2012

A New Christmas Cookie

Baking INgredients

One of my favorite thing about Christmas is the baking traditions that have grown up around this holiday. Top of that list for me is Christmas cookies. I adore cookies and always have. In fact, my very first attempt at baking

A Winter Hush

This morning my home is enjoying the quiet that can only come from moments of peace with loved ones nearby. I’ve been lounging in my favorite chair with a warm plaid afghan and Elsa, my West Highland terrier who is my regular companion when I’m sitting in my recliner. My hand resting lightly on her

Gift Ideas For Gardeners

Welcome to the most hectic time of year. I have to confess to a secret dread of the days between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. It always seems to come with not enough money in the checking accout and never enough time to spend with friends. Some years I just want to throw up my