Articles for the Month of April 2014

What About Companion Planting?

Author’s Note: Recently I’ve been noticing increased interest in companion planting. This has resulted in yet another re-publishing of half truths about the technique, something that just gets under my skin. So I’ve updated and republished here an article I did a few years ago on the subject. This is a bit long for one

A Gardener’s Bible

I occasionally receive review copies of new gardening books on the market. Recently I was sent a copy of one that touched me as a gardener and a Christian. Zondervan Publications has just put out the NIV God’s Word for Gardeners Bible, with commentary and reading suggestions by Shelly Cramm. In this gardening edition Shelly

The End of Winter

Last month I drove south to Round Top, TX for the Herbal Forum sponsored by the Pioneer Unit of the Herb Society of America. The day I drove down happened to be March 21, the official end of winter, but you couldn’t tell it by the look of the countryside. I have to say the