Articles for the Month of November 2015

Hash Browns & Ham Pie

    I decided to make a slight departure from my usual herbal posts to give you the following recipe for hash browns & ham pie. This is what I would call “farmhouse food,” something to stick to your ribs as you go out and tackle the day’s chores. It’s really a quiche with shredded

Soup, Soup, Beautiful Soup

Now that November is here the weather has enough of a chill in it to make hot soup a favorite for lunch or dinner. Whether your soup is made from scratch or poured from a can, there are some quick ways to “soup it up.” When making soup from scratch, select ingredients with color in

Potpourri For Fall Fragrance

The sense of smell can evoke powerful memories. One whiff of a familiar aroma can transport us to another place and time. Researchers have found that when we first smell something the information is stored in our brain’s memory cortex. It’s also passed to the brain’s limbic system that controls emotions, memory, and behavior. With