A Book For All Texas Gardeners

Normally I stick with herb-specific topics, but this time I want to alert my fellow Texas gardeners to a newly-revised edition of a must-have gardening book for the Lone Star State. I am referring to Neil Sperry’s Lone Star Gardening. This comprehensive hardback reference is a distillation of Neil Sperry’s decades of experience with Texas gardeners and their gardening problems. This replaces the green gardening book with the Texas boot on the front cover that so many of us have in our personal library.

This new edition of Neil Sperry’s Lone Star Gardening  is organized around the gardener’s questions. Each type of plant – Shrubs, Trees, Vines, Groundcovers, etc. – has a separate section filled with useful information such as best time to plant, choosing the right size, which varieties flower and when,  and what to do in certain problem spots in the garden. These tips are followed by the “meat and potatoes” section: a detailed table showing the size, sun/shade preferences, watering needs, insect problems, and where in Texas each plant will grow best. With this book a new homeowner or a landscape architect can find useful information.

Anyone who has ever seen Neil speak to a crowd knows he is the quintessential gardening expert for Texas. He can speak in-depth and from experience about any topic thrown at him – and he does it with a calm assurance. This easy going demeanor comes out in his writing, whether through his magazine or in this new publication. If you can afford just one gardening book, this is the one to get. The book is listed as $32.95 but for a limited time it is available directly from Neil for $28.95. Click here for more details.


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