A Winter Hush

This morning my home is enjoying the quiet that can only come from moments of peace with loved ones nearby. I’ve been lounging in my favorite chair with a warm plaid afghan and Elsa, my West Highland terrier who is my regular companion when I’m sitting in my recliner. My hand resting lightly on her registers a contented sigh that mirrors my mood. Outside is cool and quiet with the winter grey sky that soothes rather than saddens. Time for another cup of jasmine tea and one of my favorite medieval mystery books.

Having the calm of this morning is especially sweet because this week was a test of endurance for me. It seemed like I barely finished one critical task before another was tapping me on the shoulder, wondering how soon I could get started attending to it. Now the various urgent duties are done and I have a real respite before the next wave of needs. It’s moments like these that make me thankful for God’s grace and strength. Later today, I’ll see what I can do to bring in the Christmas decorations (late, as usual) and plan some gifts for family and friends.

Appearing prominently in that list of gifts will be quick breads that seem so right for this time of year. If you have plans for holiday baking you might want to try some of my recipes in A Baker’s Dozen, a collection of thirteen recipes for you to enjoy and share during the holidays. Click here to get your copy. And tell a friend to share the joy.

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