Adding Herbs to a Fall Wreath

At last, the grip of summer is loosening and the daytime highs are settling down. Next week I plan to bring out my fall swags and candles. The other day I was at my local craft store and bought a vine wreath to add to the fall decor. It’s nice as-is but I just know I can add some fall colors from my garden. I was mulling this over during my morning dog walk when I decided to keep it simple and use some sage. That requires creating dried clusters of the herbs. Here’s what I did.


I clipped some fresh sage branches and grouped them into clusters of 3-4 stems each. Then I tied them together with a rubber band (not string) because a rubber band will stay tight as the stems dry and shrink.


After making each bundle, I took a six-inch long piece of string and looped it through the bundle, below the rubber band.


Next I tied the strings of each bundle around a clothes hanger in preparation for hanging to dry.


…and here’s the finished set of hanging sage bundles. After a week or two, I will take them down, remove the rubber band and tie them together with florist’s wire. Spending just a few minutes time now, will reap dried herb bundles that can be tucked into a wreath, strung over the fireplace, or combined with dried flowers in a small vase.

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