Caring For Your Christmas Rosemary

If you’ve been out shopping for Christmas decorations you may have seen what looked like a pint-sized Christmas tree. That was probably a rosemary bush shaped into the Christmas tree form. This is really no surprise because the essential oils in rosemary produce a scent similar to pine trees. Beautiful though they are, rosemary holiday bushes often don’t last beyond the holiday season. Rosemary is an outdoor shrub, not an indoor houseplant. To keep your holiday rosemary alive and healthy, try this:

Rosemary bushes can be grown and shaped for Christmas decorations.

Rosemary bushes can be grown and shaped for Christmas decorations.

  • Place your new rosemary near a south-facing sunny window.
  • Keep the rosemary bush away from drying fireplaces or heat vents.
  • Never, never overwater it. Wait until the top inch of soil is dry before re-watering.

To keep your rosemary healthy year-round, move it outside when spring comes. Once daytime high temperatures reach 60 degrees, find a full-sun location for your plant. Transfer your rosemary to a pot 8-10 inches in diameter. Use quality potting soil.

During the growing season fertilize monthly to maintain health, just as you would other potted plants. Prune lightly, but regularly, to maintain its desired shape. With a little care through the year your rosemary bush will remain healthy and be ready to shine again for the holidays next season.

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