Grow Herbal Microgreens

Recently I’ve seen some interesting posts about growing something called “microgreens.” This is created by thickly sowing the seeds of edible plants on a growing medium, allowing it to germinate and grow for a week or two, depending on how quickly it grows, and then harvest and eating immediately. I think of it as creating

Eat Your Fall Flowers

September is the month when the garden switches gears, moves into cooler weather, and we plant our fall annual flowers. Even an herb nut like myself enjoys having some fall color in my pots and garden beds. Some of those flowers also provide flavors you can add to your foods. Here’s a sampling:

Late Summer Blooming Garlic Chives

If you enjoy cooking Asian foods, you’ll enjoy having a ready supply of garlic chives. Garlic chives are the big brother of the more commonly grown onion chives. They grow about twice as tall and have a more assertive garlic flavor. Onion chives have small cylindrical leaves. Garlic chives have larger flat, triangular leaves. Anytime


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