Cool Down With an Herbal Spritzer

When things get this hot we could all use a little cooling off. As a child, I kept cool by running through the lawn sprinklers. Today I’m too dignified for that – at least not when the neighbors are looking – but I still long for a cool spray when I’m out tending the garden. Well, if the sprinklers are out of the picture, what about something more discrete?

Any household pump spray bottle can become an aromatic spritzer to keep you cool. Avoid using any bottle that has had pesticides or harsh cleaning agents. Better yet, buy one in a cool blue or green for your spritzer. You can make scented water from the herbs and flowers in your garden for your spritzer. For centuries, the well-equipped home had a “still room” where ladies distilled their own fragrant waters. Since you probably don’t have a fully equipped still room, try using this simple technique to make lavender water.

Cut enough lavender leaves and flowers to fill a two-gallon household bucket. Rinse to remove debris and insects. Pack the bucket with lavender and cover with water. Take a small plate and push down, weighing it with a brick if necessary. Allow to sit in the summer sun. The following day, remove the herbs or flowers and strain the liquid through a coffee filter. Pour in spray bottle and enjoy. For added chill, keep the bottle in the  the fridge.

If you don’t have enough lavender or other aromatic herbs, you can still make your own spritzer. To four ounces of filtered water, add 10-14 drops of essential oil. You can buy them in craft shops or anywhere aromatherapy or home fragrance products are sold.

When making your spritzer water, use any combination of fragrances for the scented oil. Here’s a few of the more popular ones.

      • Chamomile – soothing, combines well with others
      • Eucalyptus – sharp, head-clearing, stimulating
      • Lavender – refreshing, clean, relaxing
      • Mint – cooling, stimulating
      • Rose – relaxing, sensual
      • Sandalwood – warming, uplifting

When first using an herbal spritzer, exercise caution if you have sensitive skin. Try spraying it on your arm before using it on your face and neck. Always avoid eye contact.

Whether you use purchased essential oils or fragrant water made from your garden herbs, the results will be the same – a refreshing spritzer. Next time you see children running through sprinklers in your neighborhood, find a seat in the shade. With an iced drink and your spritzer bottle, you’ll be as cool as they are – without losing your dignity!

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