Freezing Bell Peppers

Diced red peppers are a handy way to add color and flavor to many dishes. But for years, I left them out of recipes, not wanting to buy a whole pepper just to add two tablespoons to a dish and then let the rest rot. Then one day I decided to try freezing the remainder. To my delight, it worked just fine. Here’s what to do.

Whenever red, yellow, or green bell peppers come on sale buy several. At home, rinse and core the peppers. Be sure to remove as much of the inner membrane and seeds as you can. That’s the hottest part of the pepper. Then using a sharp knife cut the peppers into thin wedges, top to bottom. Shake off any excess liquid and place in a freezer bag. Squeeze out any excess air, seal, and drop into the frozen vegetable bin in your freezer. Now when you want some diced peppers for enchiladas or other spicy fare, just pull out the bag and remove a slice or two. It will defrost quickly and can be diced in seconds.

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