Garden Calendars For the New Year

Happy new year to you and yours! Since I am hoping your new year’s plans include some gardening, I thought I’d scan the web for garden calendars for inspiration. Some have been around for ages. The Farmer’s Almanac was once a vital publication for many Americans. Others are only available through modern technology. At The Weather Channel website you can get localized meteorological information for your neighborhood. But whatever calendar you choose to use, may the days it records be exciting and memorable.

Farmer’s Almanac, including a sample of their “gardening by the moon” calendar. Besides their hardcopy products, they also have an e-newsletter available.

Oregon State University Garden Calendar, check your state university system for a similar localized calendar.

Better Homes & Gardens Regional Vegetable Calendar, a few ideas from a premiere magazine.

Vegetable Garden Calendar, from The Savvy Gardener.

Garden Calendar from The Weather Channel, gives you a localized weather-based perspective.

History of Calendars, for those of you who like to dig in to the origin of things.


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