In the Garden at Night

During the summer, the hours after sunset can be magical as the heavenly bodies appear one by one and reveal a timeless light show. Because we no longer determine our lives by the stars, many of us are unsure fo what we’re looking at. Fortunately, the information is just a click away. The Scobee Planetarium in Austin, Texas has a printable star map available on their website at:

If you live outside the Central Time Zone, you’ll need to adjust it slightly to the east or west. Just locate the Big Dipper in the northwest and go from there. While you’re out there, be sure to observe your garden. Some flowers open primarily at night. Others really pour on the perfume, hoping to attract nocturnal moths. If the moon is full, notice how certain colored flowers take on a different hue under moonlight. Brush your hand along the scented geraniums and other fragrant herbs and you just might not want to go back inside.

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