July Do’s and Don’ts For Gardeners

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July in the garden is a difficult month. You’re halfway through the growing year but the weather makes demands on you and your plants that cannot be ignored. Here’s how you and your garden can survive the month.



harvest herbs in large quantities. Removing the upper third of a plant will expose the root area to more direct sunlight, heating and drying the soil.




keep up with the watering. Hot weather can dry the ground and your containers faster than you can imagine. I try to do a good soak in the ground weekly. For pots it’s at least every other day or I risk frying my herbs.




fertilize during this period of stressful high heat. Fertilizing will stimulate tender new growth that is less likely to survive in the searing heat.



take advantage of your container’s mobility and relocate more tender plants to where they will get more shade. Then after Labor Day, move your containers back where they can enjoy the fall sunlight.




transplant anything. Period. This is the absolute worst time to stress any plant by tearing the roots out of the soil. Wait until the soil cools in the fall.




find a spot in the shade and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Sure there may be a weed or two (or three or four) but you have created something special. Enjoy it!




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2 comments on “July Do’s and Don’ts For Gardeners

  1. Denise Pugh

    Ann, I enjoyed your segment on Central Texas Gardener.

  2. Ann McCormick

    Thank you, Denise, it’s always nice to hear from someone who has enjoyed my presentation. I will be taping more segments with CTG later this summer.

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