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As a member of various garden writers groups, I occasionally get a review copy of a new book. Recently I received from Better Homes & Gardens their new book Herb Gardening. When I agreed to review the book, even though I know the reputation of BH&G, I must confess I didn’t have hopes for anything spectacular. Boy, was I wrong.

I have a large library of herb books published over the last 20 years and beyond. Some are useful for their information but don’t look very appealing. Others wow the eye but don’t deliver anything interesting. Herb Gardening combines the best of both worlds. It is very nicely laid out with excellent color photos. The book also delivers the goods on herbs and how to plant, propagate, and harvest them. Major chapter headings are:


  • The Wonderful World of Herbs
  • Our Herbal Past
  • Our Herbal Present
  • Design and Grow an Herb Garden
  • Herbs in Every Season
  • Herbal Lifestyles
  • Herb Encyclopedia

Just a list of the chapters doesn’t do justice to this informative book. Open the book at random and I guarantee you’ll find something to interest you. The book is liberally sprinkled with tips and ideas useful to the novice and the experienced herb gardener. It has earned a place on my “frequently viewed” bookshelf in my office.

To take a closer look or purchase a copy click here to visit

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