New Year, New Gardens

Happy New Year! We are now in 2015 with twelve months of possibilities ahead. On the whole, last year was not a good year for me. I could really use a change of pace so that is what I am focusing on when defining my goals for the year.  I won’t burden you with my personal goals but perhaps you might find my gardening goals of interest.


Central Focus For Each Bed – One of the flaws plant collectors like me have is to not think of each garden bed as a unified whole. I buy plants to learn how they grow, now how well they will fit in with what I have. This makes my gardens look rather higgly-piggly (a technical term meaning “no discernible order”). This year I would like to change that by making something the focal point. It can be garden art, a large specimen plant or even a mass planting of one item.

Color For Each Season – Although herbs are not known for their showy nature, they can be striking when seen at the right time of year. The trick is spreading out the display across the garden and across time. I have several things that put on a show during each season but I could use a few more. This may involve one or two ornamental shrubs, but I can live with that.

Propagate Everything – Well, maybe not everything but I’ve noticed my garden has been looking a little thin lately. Time to take advantage of spring’s growth spurt and do what I can to fill in the cracks. Propagating my plants will also help to provide a stronger display of seasonal color.

Mulch by May – In recent years, I’ve been slack about spreading mulch to deter weeds and conserve moisture. With another dry year probably on the way, I need to get busy and spread some mulch.

So that’s what I have planned for my gardening year. What about you? Take some time now while the garden is dormant to jot down ideas on how you can make it a good year in your garden.

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