New Year, New Ideas

Happy New Year! Wherever you are, whatever your circumstances, may the coming year bring you many joyful moments. Of course I hope some of those happy times take place in and around gardens. To help you make this come true I’ve collected a few ideas to get you out of your comfort zone and into something new.

Visit a Garden – Most of us live within easy driving distance of a public garden. Take advantage of your tax dollars at work and spend some time there. Many public gardens have festivals, music events, and plant sales open to the public. Check out their websites and mark your calendar for some good, clean fun. Don’t forget the public gardens when you travel, whether for business or pleasure. There are some outstanding gardens in this country just waiting for you to see. Check out the American Public Garden Association for places to visit.

Sow Some  Seed Bombs – Do you have a touch of the rebel in you? Then you might want to throw seed bombs on land just begging to be beautified. The Guerilla Gardening Association can help you make your own. Or you can Google “seed bombs” for sources of ready-made bombs. We live across the street from an untended lot that’s just begging for wildflower seeds. This might be the year I do something about it.

Join the Club – You are not alone in your love of gardening. There are many garden clubs that would love to include you in their ranks. Contact the National Garden Clubs,  the Herb Society of America, or the American Horticultural Society, just to name a few. There are also virtual clubs online for those who don’t travel much.

Try a New Plant – Even as I write this there are seed catalogs being sent out with this year’s new varieties of herbs, vegetables, and flowers. Your local nurseries will also be showcasing new items for you to try. Don’t pick the same old thing this year…try something new. You may be about to discover your next favorite plant.

Re-Think a Garden Bed – Some time in the next week or two, when the weather is mild, get outside and spend a few moments really looking at your garden beds. Are some of them overgrown? Do you have empty spots that are begging to be filled? Or perhaps you want to really change things up and put in a water feature, or a moon garden, or an all-native bed. Spring is the perfect time to make changes. Get out there and be creative!

Dig a Little Deeper – If you know me, you know I’m never satisfied knowing the simple answer to a question. I want to know the “how” and “why” of just about everything I discover. Take the time this year to do a little digging of your own – metaphorically speaking. Find out how compost is made, or where your favorite plants come from, or what happens when a seed germinates, or….well, you get the idea. There is a world of fascinating information out there just waiting to be discovered.



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