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Greetings on this bright fall day in Fort Worth. The troubles of summer are now a distant memory and its high time for me to get back on the horse (so to speak) and resume posting to you-all. You may remember that I last posted in March about an auto-immune disorder (Sjogren’s Syndrome) I was facing. Well, it is still here – but so am I. There will still be difficult days and weeks ahead, but life goes on.

So what’s going on in my home garden? This fall I am working on some reductions. My garden had gotten so big that it had become an insurmountable chore. For years I’ve had that urge to add “just one more herb” and things finally got out of control. Has that happened to any of you? Well, the first things to go are the plants that never grew well. I no longer have the time or energy to nurse ailing plants. If I can’t find a good spot for the plant by the second transplant, out it goes.

The next thing on my garden list is to admit defeat with certain poor garden plots. One was too exposed to the elements and often was neglected when it was time to water. The other – well, the other one had poor soil and a very bad location. So back to grass they go.

Next week is the election. I’m not saying how I will vote but I am saying I’ll be heartily glad when the electioneering is DONE! After that, it’s time to celebrate fall and the coming holidays. All the best to you and your’s as we move into the joyous season.

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