News From the Homestead: Happy Fall and I’m Still Here!

Greetings on this fine fall afternoon. It’s been over two months since you’ve heard anything of significance from me. In that time, I have dealt with at least one domestic crisis (you really don’t want to hear about it), taken a trip out of town to Pittsburgh (where a good time was had by all), and wrestled with ongoing problems with my website (more on that later). I’m pleased to report that despite all that I am still standing although my nerves are a little worse for the wear.

With the beginning of the fall quarter I am restarting my website posts and plan to resume posting on Facebook and Twitter. If you use these sites, look for my posts under “herbncowgirl”. I am also planning to be more active on Instagram so I can share with you more from my garden and kitchen.

HomegrownHerbGardenCover One thing that was accomplished during this hiatus was to put the finishing touches on the book I am co-authoring with Chef Lisa Baker Morgan ( to be published by Quarry Books. Our new book Homegrown Herb Garden won’t be on the market until after New Year’s Day but I’m pleased to give you a sneak peek at the book cover. The book covers fifteen herbs, how to grow, harvest, and use them in delicious and creative ways. This unique blend of cooking and gardening expertise is designed “to help home chefs get their herb gardens started, and to help home gardeners get a taste of what’s possible when they cook with homegrown herbs.” More details to come as this book nears publication.


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