News From the Homestead: Talks and Trips

Greetings on this mild Texas morning. I’ve been wanting to write you-all but work on my Saturday talk in Illinois took up most of my time. I spoke in Champaign on “Seasoning the Melting Pot,” an overview of the history of culinary herbs and spices in the US. It’s filled with interesting material and I enjoyed immensely presenting it at Herb Day, hosted by the University of Illinois.

Going out of town, even for a mere 48 hours, is always fun for me. I love to travel and see other people’s gardens. Of course, right now in Champaign I saw snow – a foot I think. That’s okay…I wore my winter coat (yes, even Texans have one) packed my favorite flavored teas. Now that I’m back it will be high time to start cleaning up the garden in preparation for spring. Recent hard freezes killed the weeds but left the shriveled remains. I’ve also got some soaker hoses that have become brittle and need replacing. The best time to do this is when the garden is least populated.

After that is done, I’ll be speaking in the Houston area on Feb. 25-26 at the Cy-Fair Home & Garden Show. If you live down there, stop by and say howdy.

Finally, on a personal note, I am pleased to report that my long-suffering husband has – after 2 1/2 years of posting resumes and going to interviews – secured a full-time salaried position. It has a respectable salary, good benefits, and as a bonus is only about 15 minutes from home. We are thanking God for this gift.

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