News From the Homestead: What’s the Plan?

This is the time of year when, like many of you, I take a hard look at what happened last year and do some planning for what I want to do in the coming year. Of course, I cannot guarantee my plans will succeed but “if you aim at nothing you will surely hit it.” I have a poor aim to begin with so planning is a necessity.

In the realm of my writing I am hoping to take advantage of the changes I made last year (new website, switch from newsletter to blog, and building a Facebook presence) to become better known across the country as someone with a passion for herbs. Passion I’ve got. Readership, not so much. Moving from a newsletter to blog lost about 3/4 of my subscribers. That’s a big hit. On the plus side, I have made slow but steady progress in the FB realm (posted under “herbncowgirl“). You can help by sharing my blog or FB posts with friends. If you are not subscribed to both, please do so. I regularly post 4-5 items on FB that don’t make it into my newsletter.

Beyond my regular posting I will continue to write articles and my column for Herb Quarterly magazine. At the moment, the winter issue is on newsstands. Watch for the spring issue where I explore ethnic herbs grown around the globe and write in my column about gardening as art. I also write monthly short articles for Arbor Gate, a specialty nursery in the NW Houston area. This month I wrote about “divine angelica.” And of course, there’s my never-ending drive to publish books. Stay tuned for details about that.

Finally, a few bits of housekeeping. Most of you read my blog as an email. when I was writing a newsletter, your replies were going directly into my mailbox, where I was the only one to see them. With a blog email sent through Feedburner, your replies don’t get to me in a timely manner. Email replies also are not visible on the blog. If you have a comment or suggestion, please add a comment to the blog post on I will see it and be able to respond. Other readers will also see it and can comment. So c’mon guys, let’s get the conversation going!

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