Plant Herbs With Fall Bulbs

I’ve never been without flowering bulbs in my herb garden. Snowdrops, tulips, crocus, and daffodils that emerge in the spring are a delight to the soul. They’re easy to plant and come back year after year.

Spring flowering bulbs are the perfect blooming accompaniment to several low growing herbs. Stalks from the daffodils and other beauties emerge easily through the herb foliage in the spring. Then when the leaves and stems yellow and die, the herbs are still there providing beauty in your garden.  There’s a second value to planting herbs with bulbs. When the daffodils and snowdrops have died down you have the perennial herb marking the spot so you don’t accidentially dig up the dormant bulbs. Believe me, I’ve done that more often than I care to admit.

So you don’t make that embarrassing mistake, here are five herbs to consider pairing with your bulbs:

  • Pennyroyal, a creeping mint with small glossy leaves and a slightly medicinal scent.
  • Thyme, the perfect plant for ground cover in any garden.
  • Sweet woodruff, grown for its vanilla scented leaves and delicate white flowers.
  • Corsican mint, a prostrate mint with tiny leaves and equally tiny lavender flowers.
  • Winter savory, the perfect herb for soup lovers.

…and heres a couple of excellent sources for bulbs bred in and for the U.S.

Brent and Becky’s Bulbs at

Southern Bulb Co. at

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