Ann McCormick, the Herb 'n Cowgirl

Speaking on Herbs

Have smile, will travel. If you’d like an exciting speaker for your business, event, or organization then you need Ann McCormick, the Herb ‘n Cowgirl. An enthusiastic speaker, Ann is known for her well-researched talks presented in a humorous and entertaining manner. Here are just a few of her speaking topics.

The Herb ‘n Cowgirl In the Garden –Discover the joys of growing culinary herbs on your little homestead. We’ll cover planting, growing, and harvesting popular herbs for use in kitchen and home.
Creating Culinary Containers – Even if all you have is a sunny balcony, you can grow fresh herbs for flavor and delight. Learn four essentials to successful container gardening. The Herb ‘n Cowgirl will also cover which herbs thrive in pots.
Seasoning the Melting Pot – An entertaining romp through time from the earliest American settlers to today’s immigrants, reviewing the herbs and spices they used in foods and medicine.
‘Why Is My Cilantro Dead?’ and Other Questions About Growing Herbs – As an experienced speaker, Ann has fielded many questions about growing and harvesting herbs. In this talk she’ll reveal the answers to your nagging questions.
Must-Have Herbs For Cooks – There are some herbs that are essential to cooking with fresh ingredients. Learn which herbs the Herb ‘n Cowgirl recommends you grow and enjoy as you cook.


Speaker's One Sheet


Contact Ann McCormick today to discuss fees and make reservations. Ann is also available for radio and television interviews. To see a copy of her speaker’s one-sheet click here.