Stress Relief Herbs

The winter holidays are acclaimed as the most stressful time of the year. This seems ironic to me since I think of fall and early winter as a time to slow down and reflect. Nevertheless visits from relatives, shopping safaris to the mall, and end-of-year financial concerns tend to put people in a bad humor.

When tensions rise, sleep disorders become more common. Boy, isn’t that the truth. You lay there in the dark, trying to shut your mind down but it keeps going around and around like a gerbil in an exercise wheel. If you too find you’re awake at night more than you should be or have trouble getting to sleep, herbs can help. Here are some ways to use herbs to calm things down:

For Quieting Teas — An hour before bed sip a tea made with chamomile, clary sage, garden sage, lavender,or bergamot. 

Encouraging Sleep — Use a scented candle in your bedroom to sweeten the air.Make a sachet or sleep pillow with lavender, rosemary, chamomile, sweet myrtle, or sweet woodruff and place it under or near your pillow.

If Your Dreams Are Troubled — Place a few drops of essential oils from sandalwood, clary sage, jasmine,  or roses on a handkerchief at your bedside as you drift off to sleep. Remember essential oils are concentrated and a little goes a long way.

As with all herbs, discontinue use if you have a bad reaction. And if problems with sleep persist, consult your physician. It may be more than the season that is keeping you up.



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