The End of Winter

Last month I drove south to Round Top, TX for the Herbal Forum sponsored by the Pioneer Unit of the Herb Society of America. The day I drove down happened to be March 21, the official end of winter, but you couldn’t tell it by the look of the countryside. I have to say the weather was doing it’s best to look like more of the awful winter we have all been suffering through.

But the movement of our planet around the sun is unstoppable. By the time I left two days later I could see clear signs that spring has arrived. The first – and most welcome – was the appearance of wildflowers, such as the bluebonnets in the opening photo. But that wasn’t the only sign of spring along the highways. The trees that were brown and barren looking a few days ago were now sporting pale, young leaves. Buds that had been quietly swelling from rising sap had gotten the signal to burst open and the whole countryside was transformed. Rolling down the window when I stopped for a brief rest, I could hear the birds recently arrived from their winter quarters now busy calling for mates and selecting their new nesting spots for the coming year.

I have to say all this change did my heart good. Since Christmas, it has seemed like I’ve constantly felt cold and grumpy, not a good combination for anyone. I know I haven’t been at my best and for that I would like to offer a blanket apology to anyone who has had direct contact with me in the last three months. Now, however, I feel like a corner has been turned. I’m not wearing as many layers of clothes. I’ve been able to get outside and garden, something that always lifts my spirits. I’ve even been thinking it’s almost time to start making iced tea.

So I’ll conclude this post by declaring that winter in my part of the world is absolutely over. Here’s to warmer, brighter days ahead!


P. S. While looking for something entirely different, I stumbled across a few messages sent by readers of this blog which I never saw. My apologies for not responding. the email is really only used for administrative purposes. I will try to set up an automatic forward process so I won’t miss your comments in the future.

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