The Sun is Out!

Greetings from a  very wet Fort Worth. Last month was the wettest May on record for this area, something I can certainly verify from experience. Today when I was out walking the dogs I saw that the streets have been so wet that moss had begun to grow in the gutters. Getting the paper off the front lawn has meant slogging through the too-wet grass.

Now the sun has finally come out and the forecast shows almost no rain for the foreseeable future. The soggy soil still makes serious gardening a problem but I nevertheless got out this morning to trim what I could reach without stepping in the garden beds. The abundance of rain has meant my herbs have grown beyond expectation. My lemon balm tripled in height. The southernwood is threatening to choke out some Jerusalem sage I planted back in April – just six weeks ago! And of course the weeds have exploded. I have my work cut out for me.

The garden isn’t the only place where I need to work. This last month I have converted my web page to a new look. There were moments of high anxiety involved in this transformation. Not everything is where I want it but I’m far enough along to resume posting. Over the next week or two I also hope to improve my blog email delivery. This may involve an unexpected email showing up in your in-box (as one did yesterday) but I hope you will be patient with me as I get things reorganized.

In the meantime, I wish you bright days and languid nights as summer progresses.

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