Things to Do With a Garland

One of the fastest way to brighten a room is adding a few lengths of garland. They come pre-made in 6-8 foot lengths of silk flowers, leaves and seed pods or you can make your own using rosemary branches. I like to have a couple around for each season. This fall try adding a few garlands around your home. You can:

  • Drape garland over the frame of a picture or mirror, tucking the corners behind the frame.
  • Wind around the bottom banister pole or weave through poles along the stair treads.
  • Drape along the fireplace mantle along with a couple of seasonal ceramics and a few pumpkins.
  • Adorn a large decorative items, such as a grandfather clock, large floor statue, or urn.
  • Don’t forget the bathroom. There are lots of places to add a garland.
  • Hang over doorways, inside or out.
  • How about the dining room chandelier? Just be sure to keep the garland away from the hot elements.
  • Dress up any garland with twist-tie bows, clusters of fall leaves secured with florist’s wire.
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