Transplanting Time

Fall is the season when most gardeners think of tidying up and ending the growing year. While those are good things to do, this is also the perfect time to transplant perennials, shrubs, and trees.  Plants that are moved now will have all winter to reestablish their roots before the spring growing frenzy hits.  Another advantage to transplanting now is that the cooler temperatures will reduce the stress to a plant that has had its roots disturbed. So get out your shovel and consider making some of the following changes:

  • Have you got a shrub that is too close to a fence or sidewalk? Dig it up and move it away from the obstruction for a happier plant and a happier you.
  • Many perennials will eventually die out in the center, leaving you with a ring of healthy plants. When this happens, dig it up, remove the dead parts and replant the sections of the parent plant. In spring it will fill in and have more vigorous growth.
  • Think back to the summer. Did you have a plant that got waaay too much sun? Move it to a more shady spot. Ditto on plants growing in the shade that needed more sun.
  • A landscaping rule we sometimes forget when planting new herbs is the Group Photo Rule – place the short ones in front and the tall ones in back. Otherwise you find yourself with a tall guy in the front and some shorter plant in the back you can’t see as well. If this has happened to you (as it surely has to me) now’s the time to fix it.

Pearls of Wisdom

You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.

— Jack London

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