Will It Freeze Soon?

We’ve recently experienced the first snowfall in the continental US, which makes gardeners here wonder when frost will hit their area. It’s always helpful to know the average first frost date in your region but some of us just have to know the lurid details of what is coming. For that, there’s no better place than the Weather Channel. They have a nice Lawn & Garden page, where you can view your local forecast, your garden care calendar, and more.

I checked my garden forecast this morning and discovered a couple of useful tidbits. Today’s 62 degrees will give way to 72 tomorrow, so I’ll plan to get out there on Saturday to plant the garlic cloves I just purchased. That will be perfect timing as we’re expecting rain on the following 2-3 days. Somehow rain works so much better than the garden hose to settle transplants in to their new homes. 

In fact, I’ll take a quick look in my garden beds to find out if there’s anything else I need to transplant before winter closes in. Let’s see…there’ some mullein seedlings needing a new home in the south-facing garden. The two germander seedlings I planted a couple of years ago have propagated mightly and need to be divided and spread. Sounds like I’ll be spending tomorrow morning in the garden. That will make for a happy Saturday for me.

How about you? Go the the Weather Channel Lawn and Garden page and see what’s in store for your area. Then grab your mud boots and gloves and get out there! It will do good to your spirit and your garden.

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