Seven Herbs For Tex-Mex Foods

Those of us living in the Southwest know it's always time for cool drinks and the fiery flavors of Tex-Mex foods. Many of the ingredients can easily be grown in your garden, even if you don’t live in the Lone Star State. Here are...

Herb Roasted Vegetables

Roasting vegetables is a technique that is simple in execution and wonderful in results.  Most of us cook nearly everything at the moderate 350. This is fine for most baked goods and some casseroles but not for vegetables.  High heat carmelizes the outer layer of...

Fall is Perfect For Transplanting

Fall is the season when most gardeners think of tidying up and ending the growing year. While those are good things to do, this is also the perfect time to transplant perennials, shrubs, and trees.  Plants that are moved now will have all winter to reestablish their...

Caraway Cole Slaw

Caraway seeds have long been used to flavor cabbage. This cabbage cole slaw combines these two with a sweet-tart dressing. To give an Asian flavor to this traditional slaw add 3/4 cup of drained pineapple chunks and substitute sesame seeds for the caraway seeds.

Plant A Second Season of Cilantro for Fall Harvest

Cilantro is probably second only to basil as the most popular herb to grow in the Southwest. Every spring there’s a rush at the local nursery of gardeners hungry for young cilantro to plant. We pamper them as the weeks go by, looking forward to all that fresh flavor...

Mint Tea Punch

One of the herbs most commonly enjoyed with black China tea is peppermint. From there it’s an easy step to add fruit flavors such as orange juice or cranberry juice. Add a touch of spice and you’ve got a flavorful punch to enjoy when friends are coming over for lunch...

Prep for Fall Seed Sowing

Savvy gardeners know late summer is the time to put in cool weather vegetable crops. Herb growers do the same but for a different reason. The searing heat of our Southwest summers shorten the useful life of many annual herbs. When in June the temperatures climb...

Fresh Herb Dressing From Scratch

There’s no doubt in my mind that the person who first put oil and vinegar together for a dressing on fresh greens was a genius.  How did they come up with the idea of combining two ingredients that do not readily work together to form the basis of today’s salad...

Making Herbal Vinegar for Salads

It’s hard for gardeners to say good-bye to the flavors of summer. We labor from early spring to the dog days of August for a taste of heaven fresh from our backyard. We try everything to prolong that pleasure into fall and...

Cool Down With an Herbal Spritzer

My childhood was spent in the Southwest where triple-digit temperatures were standard summer fare. We lived miles away from the nearest public pool and nowhere near a wading stream. So I kept cool by running through the lawn sprinklers. Mom was happy to let me pull on...


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Love to grow herbs? Then sign up for the Herb ’n Cowgirl’s weekly tidbits and up your herbal game. All new subscribers will receive Ann's FREE " Essential Planting Guide for Herbs.”