Making Herbal Vinegar for Salads

It’s hard for gardeners to say good-bye to the flavors of summer. We labor from early spring to the dog days of August for a taste of heaven fresh from our backyard. We try everything to prolong that pleasure into fall and beyond. But eventually autumn’s chill comes...

Herbs for Health: Tub Tea

Tub Tea It's common knowledge that our ancestors were not as fond of bathing as we are in the 21st century. They viewed the practice with suspicion, suggesting that frequent bathing (meaning more than once a month) would lead to illness. Knowing, as they surely did,...

Homemade Croutons

Croutons aren’t just for salad. When sprinkled on top of soup their crunchy texture provides a nice contrast. You can easily make croutons that are fresh and nicely flavored with herbs from your garden. To make croutons, begin with thick slices of flavorful bread....

Preparing For the Coming Spring

March is a crazy time for gardeners. We wait for the arctic air to retreat north while counting the days to the last frost. Then one morning we step outside and discover that spring has snuck in under cover of darkness and we’re instantly behind on weeding, watering,...

Get Creative With Terracotta

Terracotta is a common and popular source for garden pots. It's a renewable resource, bio-degradable, and can be the basis for some creative decorations in your garden. Here are 8 ideas for you to try. Spilled Pot Terracotta cracks easily but don't let that stop you...

How to Use a Seed Starting Kit

Last week I wrote about the keys to successfully planting seeds for spring. In it I mentioned my preference for seed starting kits. Not long ago I used one of these  kits, compliments of Gardener's Supply. Below are some shots of the process. Seed starting...

Roasted Pepper Panzanella

The Italians can be very creative with simple ingredients. A little flat bread, some cheese, and vegetables from the garden could describe the beginnings of several popular Italian restaurant foods. Here's one for panzanella, a dish reminiscent of pizza but with a...

5 Keys to Seed Starting Success

Now is the ideal time to start some seeds for spring planting. Winter weather is getting on our nerves and we are longing to see new growth in our pots and garden beds. Even though the outside temperatures are still a bit iffy, you can start some seeds indoors, giving...

Plant Cilantro for Flavor This Spring

Even though we are still in the winter months, now is the right time to plant cool weather herbs. The most popular of these is cilantro (Coriandrum sativum), the source of flavor for many Southwestern dishes such as pico de gallo, tacos, burritos, and...just about...


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