Finding garden speakers who are both entertaining and informative can be challenging for a Program Chairman. If that’s what you’re looking for then you need Ann McCormick, the Herb‘nCowgirl. She is passionate about herbs and has been speaking to audiences in the Southwest and across the country for over fifteen years. Her talks provide something for everyone. Here is a summary of a few of Ann’s topics:


      • Homegrown Herb Garden – Based on Ann’s book of the same name, this talk covers growing, harvesting, and cooking with fifteen herbs anyone can grow – parsley, basil, sweet marjoram, lemongrass, and more.
      • Creating Culinary Containers – Fresh herbs can be yours no matter how little space you have. In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn from Ann just how easy this is as you create your own herb container garden.
      • The Well-Seasoned Garden – You do not need a dedicated garden plot to grow herbs. In this presentation, the Herb ‘n Cowgirl will provide guidelines for growing herbs and show how this can be done in today’s eco-friendly landscape.
      • “Why Is My Cilantro Dead?” and Other Commonly Asked Herb Questions – Over the years that Ann talked about herbs she has fielded a wide range of questions about growing herbs. Her answers will surprise and entertain your audience.
      • Herbs of Our Foremothers – When ships came from Europe with Pilgrim settlers, they carried everything necessary for survival. In this talk, you’ll learn what herbs those early American pioneers brought with them and what herbs they discovered in the New World.

Contact Ann McCormick today to discuss fees and make reservations. She is also available for radio and television interviews. To see a copy of her speaker’s one-sheet click here. An email to Ann is all it takes to get started.

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