Bogus Gardening Advice, Part II

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is my second helping of bogus garden hacks from an article I found online. The offending article was on one of those sites that claim to give the reader the “real facts” hitherto hidden from the average reader. It offered ten “gardening...

Bogus Gardening Advice, Part I

My beloved husband is always on the lookout for garden articles on the Internet that I might find interesting. Most of his discoveries are worthwhile. Recently however he forwarded a link to a page that had my blood boiling within minutes. The offending article was on...

Making a Rosemary Garland

With the cooling fall weather, herb gardeners are busy harvesting and prepping the garden for winter. This includes some trimming of the shrubs that may have exceeded their alloted space. If one of those shrubs is rosemary, don't toss the clipped branches. Instead...

Cinnamon Pecan Scones

Here in Texas the pecan tree is a native so nearly everyone has a source nearby for pecans. I the spirit of the Lone Star State here are some classic scones with cinnamon and pecan to add a flavor kick.

Adding Herbs to Tea

There's nothing quite as annoying to a confirmed tea lover as living in a Coffee Nation. Coffee is the default drink everywhere you go. This is never more obvious than when attending a banquet. Near the end of the meal, almost every waiter you see will be smiling and...

Snickerdoodles – the Original and Five Variations

Snickerdoodles contain cream of tartar, an item I never used in anything else. A little digging on the Internet revealed that cream of tartar was first discovered as a by-product of wine making. Crystals of cream of tartar (aka potassium bitartrate) form on...

Fall Garlic Planting – Do It Now!

By the end of October the gardening year is winding down to the quiet months of winter. There are a few tasks left to do but most gardeners are thinking fondly of the coming long winter's nap. But wait...there's just one more thing to plant. Now is the time to get...

Adding Herbs to a Fall Wreath

At last, the grip of summer is loosening and the daytime highs are settling down. Next week I plan to bring out my fall swags and candles. The other day I was at my local craft store and bought a vine wreath to add to the fall decor. It's nice as-is but I just know I...


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