What’s Going On In My Garden

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by Ann on April 18, 2015

The last several weeks have been rather busy in my garden. The cold weather is a fading memory and the spring rains have appeared with a vengeance. In between storm fronts I have been out there rooting up weeds, pruning perennials, and adding some new herbs. Alas, I’ve been paying for this frenzy of activity with a sore back. That’s the price I pay for getting things done in spring that will pay off all year long. As I dug and planted there were a few things that I thought you might find of interest. Instead of describing what has been going on I thought this time I’d show you.


 Spring01This is lemon balm, planted under a large tree in shallow soil that dries out quickly in summer, even though it is in the shade. Some gardeners would hesitate to plant lemon balm here because it can be invasive, but sometimes a tough spot needs a tough plant.  Spring02On the other side of that same tree I’ve planted this Jerusalem sage, nestled in between southernwood. Both plants can handle dry conditions but on this side of the tree they will getnearly full sun. The Jerusalem sage will reach three feet by July and make a nice textural contrast with the lower growing southernwood.
 Spring04Here’s a young fennel plant tucked in a corner next to oregano. This perennial herb will help to hold the soil in place (it’s on a slope) and visually soften the corner of the house. Spring03And finally, here is a Goodwin Creek lavender plant in my morning sun garden. Deciding to plant this here required the installation of wire fencing due to our dogs, Ferriz and Ginger.
 FerrizMeet Ferriz, the neighborhood watch dog and the one who buries biscuits in my garden. This is not a big problem except that…  GingerDog…our other dog Ginger, loves to sneak in and dig them up and often celebrates her victory by digging up herbs in my garden and chewing on the roots – hence the need for fencing.


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