Preparing For the Coming Spring

Spring is a crazy time for gardeners. We wait for the arctic air to retreat north while counting the days to the last frost. Then one morning we step outside and discover that spring has snuck in under cover of darkness and we’re instantly behind on weeding, watering, and transplanting. This is no time to be wasting precious weekend hours on a trip to a crowded garden shop. Save yourself a little time and...


Seasonal Resolutions For the New Year

When we put up a calendar for the New Year, we often contemplate turning over a new leaf in our everyday life. Resolutions are made to lose weight, phone home more often, be nicer to the neighbors. When you’re thinking about what you’d like to change this year, give some thought to your food and how well it’s flavored. To get you going on this here a few suggestions for “seasonal resolutions” you can...


What Season Is It?

I’ve noticed in the past several weeks that many of my fellow gardeners across the country are reporting unusual activity in their gardens for this time of the year. On Christmas Eve I decided to check my Texas garden to see if anything odd was happening. To my surprise I was able to take photos of blooms on my lavender and buds on my daffodils. Just this morning a friend who gardens in Massachusetts...


The Twelve Herbs of Christmas

At this time of year the shortening days and cooler temperatures mean that not much is happening in our gardens. Even so herbs can still be part of our fun. In the spirit of this festive time, I have created my own lyrics to “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” For each day in the song, I have substituted herbs that have traditionally been associated with Christmas and the birth of Jesus. And here they...